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“Aquatiq® Consult is a leading consultancy in food safety expertise and quality management, specialized in internationally recognized standards for food safety (CIES) and the HACCP guidelines of Codex Alimentarius. We offer customized business solutions and training courses for securing microbiological quality and product safety”


HACCP Innføring

15. februar 


HACCP for lager og distribusjon

27. februar 


HACCP Workshop

6.-8. mars, Oslo
29.-31. mai, Trondheim
6.-8. november, Bergen


Grunnleggende mikrobiologi

20. mars


What people say about us

“It was very useful to systematize our HACCP documentation, visualizing our processes in clear flowcharts, describing our products, procedures and the result of the HACCP work.These documents ease audits and client visits.”
Elisabeth H. Kjønvik, Quality Leader, Lerøy Midt

Our office

Aquatiq® Consult AS

Hovemoveien 1
2624 Lillehammer
Office Phone: +47 61 24 70 10 
Email: consult@aquatiq.com

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Mariann Kirkerød

Managing Director
Aquatiq Consult
+47 415 59 870

Kirsti Mathisen

Seniorkonsulent & Kurskoordinator
Aquatiq Consult
+47 957 94 008

Trond Stokmo

Senior Consultant & Auditing Coordinator
Aquatiq Consult
+47 908 30 918

Merete Kiserud

Senior Consultant
Aquatiq Consult
+47 932 12 505

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