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Aquatic® Consult provides competence and methodology to manage an increasing population of food intolerances and allergies. Also we see an increased number of withdrawals from the market due to undeclared allergens or cross contamination of allergens.

How much is “traces of”? When to label it?

Proper management of allergens has a major focus in the food processing industry. Many food manufacturers are uncertain of when they should use the label: “May contain traces of […]. This is a decision that requires a methodological approach and mapping of allergens in the enterprise.

Allergen Calculator - VITAL 2.0 / Voluntary Incidental Trace Allergen Labelling

Food that are unintentionally cross contaminated with allergens, that is not part of the recipe, should be labeled “May contain traces of […]”. The calculator VITAL 2.0 is a tool supporting your company in the work of standardizing “traces of labelling” on the finished food product. The tool is developed by Allergen Bureau in Australia, in collaboration with several of the largest food manufacturing enterprises in the world.

The calculator can estimate what a given granulated amount of allergen will imply for a person suffering from moderate allergic reactions, eating the finished product. This applies to allergens that may be cross contaminated from ingredients or under processing. The critical values for the various allergens determine whether it should be labeled accordingly.

Aquatiq Consult is the only approved training facility for VITAL in Scandinavia. The program can be downloaded free of charge from

Course Goals

Give participants an introduction on how to use VITAL 2.0 as a tool to assess labelling of “May contain traces of […].” on a product. The course also includes a brief introduction to what allergy and allergens are.


  • Review of the background of establishing VITAL, and the principles behind the development of the allergen calculator.
  • Practical training in use of the system of the VITAL allergen calculator, using a personal laptop

Furthermore, course content can be adapted to your company, preferably in combination with a course in practical allergen management.

Target Group

Personnel within production management, quality, labs, product development, market, acquisitions, monitoring, audits, consulting and advisors in the food processing industry.

The course can be customized to your company.

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