Some of the food scandals of today are caused by failure of basic routines.

Cleaning, maintenance and training are prerequisites that requires high attention, and skilful operation, to ensure production of Safe Food with proper quality. Aquatiq® Consult offers a wide range of courses in daily and industrial cleaning.

Cleaning and cleaning systems are the core business of one of our sister companies, Aquatiq® Hygiene Systems. The consultants at Aquatiq® Chemistry are highly experienced in training of cleaning personnel and follow-up of the cleaning process in practice.

Examples of courses that we arrange:  

Motivation and professional attitude

Participants gets an inspirational day, where we define human at the centre, being the most important resource. The course is aimed at the cleaning profession, but it is also relevant for personnel of other professions with constant changes in knowledge and the organization.

Team work

The course is an introduction on how to work together towards a common goal, in collaboration with other people. Also we will look into what is the expert knowledge of every single person.

Prioritized cleaning

Gain insight into how to prioritize in a busy cleaning workday. We share knowledge on materials, dirt and chemistry, and furthermore suggestions to proper methods. You will learn about the principles of what, how and why.

Daily and periodic cleaning

Participants get an idea of daily cleaning, and what must be done from periodic cleaning. We focus on what areas/objects that are being cleaned in the various periods of time. We review fundamental materials, dirt, chemistry and method skills to perform proper cleaning.

NS Insta 800

During this course, we give lectures on the cleaning quality measuring system NS Insta 800, currently the only system approved for cleaning in Norway. We look at how we clean and how we can measure the cleaning visually.

This is a very good and important documentation for the future.


Participants get to examine all types of floors, learning what kind of treatment and maintenance methods that fits each type of floor the best.

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