Hygienic Design of Food Processing Equipment

Aquatiq has several specialists within Hygienic Design, and we are participating in EHEDG groups to make Guidelines for the Food Industry.

Hygienic Design. EHEDG Standards.

Our specializing in this area started back in 1994 after a major recall of smoked salmon in the US market.

Salmon Processing has much of the same challenges as poultry, where the processing areas and equipment are wet 24/7. Biofilm is a major challenge and acts as a protection film for pathogenic bacteria.

In our concept, we supply Hygiene Systems, Chemistry, Projecting and Consultancy. All of these areas must be combined to achieve a safe production over time.

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From our experience, more than 90 % of all Listeria issues within the industry is linked directly to poor Hygienic Design of the processing equipment.

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