From Initial Idea to Production

Controlling the quality of the plant or equipment to be delivered, cost of delivery and time schedule forms the core of our business.

Aquatiq® Food Factory provides a range of specialized project managers, all highly experienced and up-to-date in their fields of expertise; sales, design, construction, delivery and launch of hygienic plants to the food processing industry.

Hire us for:

  • Experienced project managers
  • Best practice
  • Cost control and contract management
  • Time schedule compliance
  • CE marking, including Risk Management

For more information and quotation please contact

Lennarth Smed

Project Manager
Aquatiq Food Factory Danmark
+45 258 00 533

Rasmus Lindner

Project Manager
Aquatiq Food Factory Danmark
+45 258 00 534

Mathias Parmo Hansen

Project Engineer
Aquatiq Food Factory
+47 469 17 525

Monika Kowalczyk

Project Manager
Aquatiq Food Factory
+47 476 69 775

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