Making Sure Everything Is OK

Handing over our new installation to your production is a critical moment. We believe that it should also be a pleasant experience.

At Aquatiq® Food Factory we carefully check that our delivery is in order, and that you have everything in place to start using the installation. The final touch and exam for the project include performing a dry test (IO Test), through wet test, CIP cleaning and finally Test-on-product to ensure safe and reliable functionality.

After the handover we are always at your service, and available to assist in your Food Safety work.

Hire us for:

  • S88 and S955 Functional Description
  • Experienced Automation Engineers
  • Safe Food production
  • Reliable Automation
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For more information and quotation please contact

Peter Viggo Petersen

Technical Director / CTO
Aquatiq Food Factory
+47 990 93 301

Søren Pedersen

Technical Director / CTO
Aquatiq Food Factory Danmark
+45 258 00 531

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