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“Aquatiq Chemistry supplies specialised chemistry for food processing and mechanical industry. Aquatiq Chemistry aims the forefront of sustainable use and application of chemistry. Thorough knowledge and experience, we can offer tailored solutions and add value to our customers.”

How we work


Our specialists are up-to-date and in regular contact with our suppliers, trained to provide you with guidance and advice choosing your products.


We offer scheduled training courses on different hygiene and maintenance issues. We may also arrange courses or provide training adapted to your specific business on request.


Sometimes changing part of or a whole system is necessary to obtain safe production in a pure and cost-efficient way. We are here to help.


>1000 chemical products and 4000 products for securing your work environment. We give you full overview of all our products, availability and pricing, your orders and order history.


Our offices

Aquatiq Chemistry AS (HQ)

Hovemoveien 1
Office Phone: +47 61 24 70 10 
Telefax: +47 61 24 70 11
Email: chemistry@aquatiq.com


217 Flinders Street
Adelaide, SA 5000
Tel: +61 429 181 433
Email: Click here

United Kingdom

Aurora House, 8 Inverness Campus 
Inverness IV2 5NA
Email: Click here

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Office phone: +47 61 24 70 10
Please contact one of our employees or get a call from us. Normally we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Kim Brunsvik

Managing Director
Aquatiq Chemistry
+47 415 52 422

Elvin Bugge

Aqua Pharma Group
+47 911 01 112

Nathan Moreland

Managing Director
Aquatiq Food Safety Ltd
+44 781 848 3043

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