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Surface Cleaning

Strong alkaline products with adjusted tencids for removal of fat and proteins from fish and fish waste, is the solutions for heavy duty cleaning in your facility. The products are suitable for cleaning of tubs, difficult areas like dead fish area, pre-silos, work vessels, rafts, floor and more.

Furthermore Aquatiq® Chemistry offers strong alkaline products that does not affect aluminum, with a powerful foam that dries slowly. This enables the operator more time to clean tubs, and slow drying also prevents the product to desiccate on the surface. It also works well for cleaning for instance work vessels, tubs, hatching equipment.

Product selection:

Foam 226, Fpc, Foam 32T, Aco Hygiene Skum Røk

Available in 20, 200 and 1000 liter packages.


Aquatiq® Chemistry has two approved disinfectants, registered on the list of the Food Safety Authorities on approved disinfectants for use in aquaculture. These products contain hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid. They also come in foam versions. You only need one of these two products to stay in control over bacteria, virus and fungus. It is suitable for surface cleaning and CIP.

In the event of a generation change on a locality, it is recommended to sterilize rings and other equipment, before moving to a new locality or new launch. Work vessels should have safe routines for disinfection to prevent contamination between localities.

Product selection:

Aqua Des and Perfectoxid with or without foam.

Available in 20, 200 and 1000 liter packages.


CIP Cleaning

CIP is short for Cleaning in Place, where water and chemistry is circulated by means of pumping, to clean and disinfect pipes on the inside. This is also used for CIP cleaning of incubators to avoid dismantling of sight glass, hoses etc.

Aquatiq® Chemistry has high expertise in CIP areas and help determine the required quantity of water. We produce procedures for the company, to obtain the same effect every time. CIP cleaning is labor saving for the fish farmer. In incubators we experience very strong results throughout the whole process with clean supply pipes. CIP and adjusted chemistry successfully defeats fungus, bacteria and virus.

  • CIP cleaning with an acidic detergent is efficient and renews the surface, making it harder for pollutants to stick. Acidic agents can be applied on most surfaces like PVC, PEH, PE, stainless steel and fiberglass.
  • For shorter periods it can also be used on aluminum surfaces, given a correct concentration. Some foam development may occur, so it is a good idea to have a defoam agent within reach.
  • Aciren CIP, Aco Acid Clean, Aqua CIP PH (phosphoric acid). Available in 20 and 200 liter packages.

A strong alkaline detergent is well suited for removal of fat and proteins. There exists efficient agents for cleaning heat exchangers, pipes and RSW units. CIP Alka 95, CIP Alka CR, Aco Hygiene CIP Alka 14 are products to consider. Available in 20, 200, and 1000 liter packaging. CIP Alka 14 also comes in 600 liter packaging.

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Aqua Des

Aqua Des er et bredspektret, flytende desinfeksjonsmiddel på pereddiksyrebasis. Godkjent av Statens Legemiddelverk og Mattilsynet for bruk i akvakultur i Norge.


Sterkt alkalisk CIP-rengjøringsmiddel.

CIP Alka 95

Skumdempet sterkt alkalisk CIP-rengjøringsmiddel.

Foam 19

Surt skumrengjøringsmiddel.


Surt CIP rengjøringsmiddel.


Klorbasert desinfeksjonsmiddel / CIP-vask.

Aqua Foam Alka Plus

Flytende, konsentrert, lutholdig skumrengjøringsmiddel.

Foam 32 T

Alkalisk skumrengjøringsmiddel.