Food Grade Lubricants

The food processing industry presents unique challenges to lubricant formulation engineers, lubricant marketers, plant lubrication engineers and equipment designers.

It is never desirable for lubricants to be allowed to contaminate raw materials, work-in-progress or finished product, the consequences of a lubricant contaminated product are rarely more acute than in the food processing industry. As such, lubricants used in this industry have requirements, protocols and performance expectations that exceed typical industrial lubricants.

Matrix Specialty Lubricants has developed an extensive range of food grade lubricants which frequently outperform high-tech industrial lubricants and greases. Matrix continues to develop and add new products to the existing extensive portfolio. For any special product request do not hesitate to seek the assistance of your local Matrix representative.

NSF og InS are certification bodies that approves lubricants and grease according to different categories of application.

Here is a list describing the most common lubricant certifications:

  • H-1 lubricants
    • Includes lubricants in use, where random contact with food is probable
  • HX-1 lubricants
    • Includes lubricants in use, where random contact with food occurs
  • H-2 lubricants
    • Includes lubricants in use, in operational equipment of significant importance at the facility, but will never be in contact with food.
      Must not contain: perfume, Pb, Sb, Cd or Ni.
  • HT-1 heat exchanger oils
    • Includes lubricants in use, where random contact with food is probable
  • H-3 emulsifiable oils
    • These products have a chemical composition that make suitable for application on hooks, carts and similar equipment for cleaning or preventing corrosion. The mixture must be completely removed from components that are in contact with food, before these components are reused.
  • 3-H release agents
    • Includes lubricants and mold release agents in frequent contact with food. Unlike H-1 lubricants, 3-H lubricants can be used as additives in food (the 10PPM rule does not apply, i.e. dough divider oil.)

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