Preventing crises from the ground up

Experience shows that failure in one or more prerequisites, often is the cause of Listeria outbreaks and other crises related to Food Safety.

Battling this trend is the reason that the Food Safety standards of today, like BRC and FSSC 22000, have an increased focus on basic conditions.

Aquatiq® Consult can assist with validation, verification and improvement of the basic conditions of the company.

Normally the work includes a four-step process:

  1. Planning

    • Interview and review of system and results is vital to determine what routines that require the highest priority
    • In the event of detection of for instance Listeria, extensive interviews and thorough review of among others HACCP system, cleaning routines, flow of commodities and personnel, and results from sampling both product and environment

  2. Validation/Verification

    • In-depth review of selected prerequisites, with the main emphasis on practical execution
    • For instance, reviewing the cleaning process we observe performance of the entire cleaning process; handover from production to cleaning, rough flush, foaming, rinsing, disinfection and flushing

  3. Training

    • Communication and training is essential to ensure improvement.
    • Raising of competence through meetings and courses
    • We deliver a number of relevant courses and training programs, both open and customized to your company

  4. Follow-up

    • Learning requires good follow-up. We can assist with consulting and suggestions on how the company independently can implement satisfactory systems for continuous improvement of its routines.

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