Hygienic Design

Poor hygienic design (cleanability) of production equipment is the most common cause of contamination from pathogenic bacterias in the food processing industry.

A production facility with focus on hygienic design, prevents food from contamination and ensures optimal flow of ingredients, packaging, product, waste and personnel,

The outcomes of hygienically designed equipment and systems are decreased number of production stops, easier cleaning and maintenance, as well as increased quality and food safety, due to reduced risk of cross contamination. Aquatiq® offers both customized courses and consulting on hygienic design.

Goals Customized Course

Give participants increased understanding and knowledge about the principles and requirements for hygienic design, to ensure cleaning, maintenance, quality and food safety.


  • Principles and practice in hygienic design
  • Use of supporting tools (Maskindirektivet, ISO 14159, EHEDG)
  • The procurement process - who should take part and what specifications to demand

Target Group

The course is relevant for all personnel involved with improvements, design, selection and acquisition of production equipment.

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