Listeria Courses

Aquatiq® Consult delivers Listeria courses focusing on characteristics, growth and survival, high-risk products, biofilm development, sampling, typing, stress tests and more.

Listeria is a pathogenic bacterium causing several challenges in the food processing industry. Worldwide we observe an upward trend in number of Listeria findings in various food products. 

Over many years Aquatiq® has been occupied with Listeria related challenges in the food industry, both in production environments and in products. With our combination of unique competence and practical experience within cleaning, chemistry, hygienic design, technical solutions and microbiology, we have been involved in several emergencies.

Listeria is also topic in our open courses Basic Microbiology, Sampling and Shelf-Life Tests and Microbiology for the Seafood Industry.

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Kirsti Mathisen

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Aquatiq Consult 
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Heidi Camilla Sagen-Ohren

Head of Microbiology
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Stein Nikolaisen

Senior Consultant
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Listeria Management

Aquatiq® has the expertise and extensive experience, assisting companies internationally to detect Listeria and other pathogenic microorganisms in the process environment and/or the product.

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