Culture Excellence Program

An International and New Standard for the Food Industry.

To manage one has to measure. But, how to measure the quality culture of a company? In our experience, there used to be no good answer - until now!

Today food production involves staying on top of an extreme amount of details, on a large scale. Structure, system and certification are necessities, but not a guarantee to succeed. The Missing Link often turns out to be the company culture - “the way things are done around here”. However, initiatives to improve company culture proves to be challenging. It takes time, it is complex and can’t be easily solved by means of technology, because we are dealing with people and established work routines.

Food Safety is a team effort

The Culture Excellence Program is an international and new exciting concept for measuring, analysing and improving organizational culture. It is in particular adapted to the food industry and food service industry/grocery, founded on 15 years of academic research and industry practice. The program is developed by Taylor Shannon Institute.

Aquatiq® Consult holds the exclusive rights to program for Scandinavia. As a program member your company becomes part of a global network of food companies. This group gain access to best practice and the latest industry updates through webinars and digital workshops.

What to achieve with the program:

  • Identify areas of risk, in and between units, roles and activities
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses on company level, and potential for improvement related to quality and Food Safety initiatives
  • Provides true insight in the opinions, attitudes and behaviour of the employees
  • Identifies the most important areas for resource allocation
  • Measures Return On Investment (ROI) on training, systems and other initiatives

A Culture Excellence process normally follows these steps:

  1. Preparation and planning
  2. Conducting a digital survey
  3. Analysis and presenting results
  4. Coaching and follow-up
  5. New survey one year later, to measure improvement

Experiences from Taylor Shannon Institute:

  • Contributes to focus on the right areas
  • Improved management and effect of training initiatives
  • An efficient contributor to
  • Bidrar til effektiv exchange of experience and skills development
  • Reveals the anchoring and awareness of goals and strategies

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