Our professionals in your organisation

Lack of resources, absence of key personnel, organisational changes, demanding projects or need to gain momentum, are all good reasons for companies to hire assistance when required.

At your convenience specialists from Aquatiq® Consult can be hired for monitoring and maintaining quality systems. Scope and duration will be customized to the needs of your company.

Examples of services delivered:

  • Substitute for Quality Leader
  • Assist Quality Leader/Department in project
  • Run quality systems in businesses without dedicated resources
  • Leadership in improvement projects

Strengthen the team temporarily

Often there is a need to strengthen a designated resource group in various projects.

Aquatiq® Consult gladly helps with support and project assistance related to Food Safety in the industry, for instance:

  • Help evaluating, procuring and installing production equipment, in terms of hygienic design
  • Assistance with projecting of layout and zoning plans
  • Optimising the cleaning process

For spørsmål, kontakt:

Mariann Kirkerød

CEO, Senior Consultant
Aquatiq Consult
+47 415 59 870



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