Heidi Camilla Sagen-Ohren

MD / Microbiology & Food Safety Specialist
Aquatiq Sense
+47 482 26 613
[email protected]

Heidi Camilla Sagen-Ohren

Heidi has specialist expertise in microbiology and regulations related to most food industries, HACCP, audits, and project management.

Educated food technologist and has a master’s degree in food safety. Practical experience from the laboratory industry, both as a manager and microbiology specialist.

Heidi leads and participates in projects where there is a need for problem solving related to contamination with Listeria or other unwanted microflora.

Heidi guides customers with sampling plans and assessment of analysis results, and how this is linked to the company’s daily HACCP system.

Contact Heidi if you have questions or need microbiological assistance or if you want more info about trending analysis results, sampling.

Heidi is located at our office in Trondheim, Norway.