Therese Faye

Microbiology & Food Safety Specialist, PhD
Aquatiq Consult
+47 934 31 796
[email protected]

Therese Faye

Therese is a specialist in microbiology and food safety.

She has specialist expertise in microbiology, general food safety, shelf life and regulations related to most foods.

Therese has a degree in biology, majoring in biotechnology and a doctorate in food microbiology. She also has further education in communication management.

She worked for many years as a researcher at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) before joining the entrepreneurial team that built up the company Keep-it Technologies – a research-based company that provides time and temperature indicators for use on temperature-sensitive products in Norwegian and international groceries.

Contact Therese if you have questions related to microbiology or other food safety related challenges.

Therese is located in Nesodden/Oslo, Norway.