When the accident is a fact, be prepared with our high performance absorbents for spill recovery, to efficiently accumulate fluids.

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Dealing with oil or chemicals, by law requires procedures to prevent and minimize negative environmental impact of accidents. Without suitable equipment and training causing environmental damage from spill of water hazardous material is imminent. Even minor leaks can imply risk for both the environment and the safety of your employees.

Chemicals and oils flushed down the drain, on the ground or in groundwater may cause severe pollution. Regulations and environmental standards like ISO 14001 demand responsible handling of hazardous fluids, to protect the environment and maintain safety in your company.

Having the right type of absorbents readily available in case of emergency, is a vital part of the planning and risk management of a business.

Aquatiq® Chemistry keeps a limited stock of absorbents, but we are capable to provide a wide selection and a large quantity of products on short notice.

The main types of absorbent in our stock:

  • Oil Only – absorbs oil and petroleum, is water repellent.
  • Universal – for general use, absorbs oil, water and other fluids
  • Special – for acids, lye and chemicals

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Nødhjelpssett, trille 82 ltr

Universal, suppleringssett

Absorbent olje

2 ruller, light, 45m x 38cm

Absorbent olje

200 matter, light


Oil Binder

Absorbent Veggholder

80 cm rull

Absorbent lense Olje

120cmx7,5cmx20 stk

Granulat Universal All-round binder

10 kg sekk

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