Aquatiq signs “the greenwashing poster”

Sustainability has a strong position in Aquatiq’s business strategy. Continuous development in substitution of raw materials with lower environmental impact, recyclable packaging, and optimization of processes where customers save water, energy and chemistry is a fundamental part of what we do at Aquatiq. The ambition is to ensure long-term and sustainable development for every customer without compromising food safety. The fact that Aquatiq now signs Grønnvaskingsplakaten underpins this ambition.

Greenwashing is a form of misleading marketing where a product or a business is presented as moreenvironmentally friendly or have a greater positive environmental impact than they actually do. Grønnvaskingsplakaten, which translates to “the greenwashing poster”, is created by Skift – Næringslivets klimaledere in collaboration with Miljøstiftelsen Zero, WWF Verdens naturfond and Framtiden i våre hender. It is intended as a guideline for businesses that want to avoid greenwashing and contribute positively to the green shift happening more quickly, and it contains ten principles:

  1. Be honest and reliable.
  2. Make sure that the sustainability work does not just happen in the communications and marketing department.
  3. Be careful when talking about the importance of sustainability, nature, climate, human dignity, and ethical trade, if you have not taken real action yourself.
  4. Avoid blurring your own emissions and negative impact on the climate, nature, and people.
  5. Be careful about spending a large part of the marketing budget on small measures that do nothing to the essential footprint.
  6. Avoid buying a good conscience through climate quotas or by letting others pick up plastic.
  7. Use the established labeling, or work to establish good labeling across your industry if there are none.
  8. Be careful with expressions such as “better for the climate”, “better for nature”, “better for the environment”, etc.
  9. Be careful about marketing the business only on sustainability goals it is good at.
  10. Be careful about using donations and sponsorships as proof that you work with sustainability.


Aquatiq supports the purpose and content of Grønnvaskingsplakaten, and we will do our utmost to comply with the 10 principles in all parts of the company. This includes open and honest communication about strengths, weaknesses, specific goals, and measures for sustainability work in Aquatiq AS and in our subsidiaries. With transparency, we create trust and build reputation around the work we do, and the products and services we sell.

Aquatiq as a company has taken responsibility for becoming more sustainable and wants to make it easier for our customers to make more sustainable choices. We have therefore signed Grønnvaskingsplakaten to further reinforce our focus: that measures we take internally and externally with customers actually contribute to sustainable development.

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