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Aquatiq BioMap is already used by food factories in 10 different countries.

One keystroke to updated analytical data

  • Environmental samples
  • Cleaning samples
  • Water samples
  • Product samples

Quick and real time output, as early as possible, result in more accurate data that provide the desired effect – better food safety.

Aquatiq BioMap

Aquatiq BioMap offers the food industry a complete, web-based solution for monitoring the environment, cleaning, water and product, both for microbiological, chemical and other parameters.

We import and organise all your laboratory data, whether it is your own or received from external laboratory. Trends on your data will be viewed online immediately after the analytical result is imported into your BioMap. Data is validated on an ongoing basis and deviations are notified. You always have access to your test results – no matter where you are, and they can easily be shared between colleagues and customers.

Aquatiq BioMap saves time and resources, ensures continuity and contributes to effective quality management, enabling faster action.

Gather all your laboratory and environmental data in one place

Aquatiq BioMap organises the companies’ analysis data and makes them available in a straightforward format. Food companies often have many sample points with large amounts of data, and some of our customers have several thousand data series to keep track of.

Aquatiq BioMap is set up with automatic data exchange with the food laboratory. Alternatively, analytical data from the laboratories and own samples can be entered manually using clear web forms. Data is validated on an ongoing basis and deviations are notified.

The system also handles historical trial data and compiles and presents these together with new data. Effective charts and presentations provide quick access to current values ​​and trends.

In Aquatiq BioMap you can also set up sampling plans for this year’s analysis program. This ensures that the laboratory performs correct analyses and that all regulatory requirements are observed.

Analyses and monitors – alerts and reports

All collected data is validated continuously and deviations are notified. Critical analysis data can be set up with “early warning” notification.

Real-time and historical data are presented in dynamic maps, charts and graphs.

Aquatiq BioMap identifies when limit values have been exceeded ​​according to different regulations, own requirements or customer requirements. All the data is presented in accordance with these requirements parameter and units. Completely formatted reports make it easy to communicate to different agencies whether it is customers, internally or to the Food Safety Authority.

Always access to updated environmental data

Web-based means that you always have access to your environmental data – wherever you are, and can easily be shared with colleagues, authorities, and other organizations.

Software as a service

Aquatiq BioMap is a software as a service. This means that the software and your application are run on our secure servers. You log in to your application via PC, pad or mobile.

More than 160 municipalities and a number of companies in different industries, including the food industry, are currently using Aquatiq BioMap. They avoid investment in software and hardware, and instead have a low and fixed monthly cost. And at no extra cost, their Aquatiq BioMap application is continuously developed and updated in line with new market needs and regulatory requirements.

Customised customer needs

When establishing, we set up your solution based on our standard products which are then tailored exactly to your needs with regard to test sites, product samples, import of data, analyses, notification, reporting.

Requirements for trending of analytical results

Food Hygiene Regulations, Regulation (EC) 2073/2005 – Article 9

Food business operators must analyse trends in the test results.

BRC section says:

Analysis and inspection results should be recorded and reviewed regularly to identify trends.

ISO22000 chapter 9.1.1, says:

The analyses should be performed to identify trends indicating a higher incidence of potentially unsafe products or process errors.


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MD / Microbiology & Food Safety Specialist

Heidi Camilla Sagen-Ohren

MD / Microbiology & Food Safety Specialist
Aquatiq Sense
+47 482 26 613
[email protected]

Heidi Camilla Sagen-Ohren

Om Heidi Camilla

Heidi har spesialkompetanse innen mikrobiologi og regelverk relatert til de fleste næringsmidler, HACCP og revisjons- og prosjektledelse.

Utdannet matteknolog og har en mastergrad i mattrygghet. Praktisk erfaring fra laboratoriebransjen, både som leder og mikrobiologisk fagansvarlig.

Heidi leder og deltar i prosjekter hvor det er behov for problemløsning relatert til kontaminering med Listeria eller annen uønsket mikroflora.

Heidi veileder kunder blant annet med prøvetakingsregimer og vurdering av analyseresultater, og hvordan dette knyttes opp mot bedriftens daglige HACCP-arbeid.

Ta kontakt med Heidi om du har spørsmål eller behov for mikrobiologisk bistand.



Lager & Logistikkansvarlig Øst

Svein Georg Forland

Seniorkonsulent og Markedsleder
Aquatiq Sense
+47 911 84 293
[email protected]


Svein Georg Forland

Svein Georg er seniorkonsulent med god kompetanse innen HACCP, kvalitetssystem, fiskeoppdrett, fiskeforedling, og revisjon (butikk- og leverandørrevisjoner, BRC Food, Global GAP).

Svein Georg har også jobbet mye med prøvetaking og etablering av gode systemer for trending av analyseresultater.

Praktisk erfaring fra fiskeoppdrett, fiskevelferd, slakteri, fiskeforedling og kvalitetsledelse i næringsmiddelbransjen mot både Norsk og internasjonalt marked.

Ta kontakt med Svein Georg om du ønsker mer info om hjelp til trending av analyseresultater, prøvetaking eller revisjoner.

Svein Georg holder til på Sotra og vårt kontor i Bergen.

Senior Consultant

Ragnhild Skyrud

Senior Consultant
Aquatiq Sense
+47 907 64 245
[email protected]

Ragnhild Skyrud

Utdannet matteknolog med praktisk erfaring som inspektør i Mattilsynet fra ulike næringsmiddelbransjer, veiledning, tilsyns- og revisjonsarbeid.

Har kompetanse innen mikrobiologi og regelverk.

Praktisk erfaring fra laboratoriebransjen som mikrobiologisk fagansvarlig.  Veiledning av næringsmiddelbedrifter med bl.a. prøvetaking og vurdering av analyseresultater.