Listeria Management in Salmon Processing Industry

Aquatiq is the main supplier of Hygiene solutions to the Salmon Industry in Europe.

Listeria Management.

Our specializing in this area started back in 1994 after a major recall of smoked salmon from the US market.

Salmon Processing has much of the same challenges as poultry, where the processing areas and equipment are wet 24-7. Biofilm is a major challenge and acts as a protection film for pathogenic bacteria.

In our concept, we supply Hygiene Systems, Chemistry, Projecting and Consultancy. All of these areas must be combined to achieve a safe production over time.


Our consultants are specialized in finding and eliminating the source. We give training and offer courses to prevent Listeria and other pathogen outbreaks from happening in the future.


We have cleaning chemicals that are designed for the sole purpose of ensuring safe and reliable production.

Hygiene Systems

Our hygiene systems are hygienically designed and made out of the highest quality of stainless steel. When it comes to food production, only the best is acceptable.

CIP Systems

We are specialized in hygienical CIP systems that ensure safe, reliable and efficient production. 

About Aquatiq®

Aquatiq® provides complete food safety solutions and expertise to the global food industry, offering a holistic approach that includes consultation, equipment and hygiene systems. Aquatiq offers food safety courses, certifications, audits as well as specialized chemistry for food processing and mechanical industries. Aquatiq does what it takes to ensure the production and distribution of safe food for companies around the world.


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Salmon Processing has much of the same challenges as poultry, where the processing areas and equipment are wet 24/7.
Photo: Salmar factory in Norway (InnovaMar)

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