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Lerøy Seafood Group now receives analysis data from external & internal laboratories at the touch of a button!

Food safety is becoming increasingly important in our society and is a topic that the food industry is naturally very concerned about. But how to create a system that easily monitors the microbiological status of the production line without too much administration and manual work?

Rudi Jakobsen, Head of Quality & Sustainability at Lerøy Seafood Group says that they have long needed a more automated system. They wanted a common platform for obtaining analyzes for monitoring microbiological results on product, environment and cleaning. A few years ago, they came in contact with the company Aquatiq, which could offer this and where one could retrieve analysis data with simple keystrokes. The system is called Aquatiq BioMap, and the selected group module where Lerøy has an overview of all production facilities gathered in one place. Each facility has its BioMap where deviations notify relevant persons automatically per. email.

– BioMap puts quality and sustainability in the system for us in Lerøy. Previously, there was a lot of manual work where we had to obtain analyzes and structure them manually in a trend overview. Now our quality department easily retrieves the information they need from the system itself, without any intermediaries. In this way, we monitor microbiological status on all production lines and can quickly implement measures based on trends we see in the program. It gives us indications of problem areas where we have to clean and dismantle most often, which is very good in relation to prevention, says Jakobsen.

– We also show the results from BioMap to our customers, which gives the customer confidence that the food safety of the product is taken care of. Documentation that our routines work provides security and trust, this is essential for our customers, concludes Jakobsen.

“Documentation that our routines work provides security and trust” – Rudi Jakobsen (Head of Quality and Sustainability, Lerøy Seafood Group ASA)

The article was published in Matindustrien No 2 (2021.05.11)

About BioMap:

Aquatiq BioMap Analysis Portal is used by food companies in 7 different countries. Here you are a keystroke to updated analysis data on environmental samples, cleaning samples, water samples and product samples. You will automatically import results with associated PDF analysis reports from external laboratories or other data sources that can send data.

Faster and fact-based responses, as early as possible, result in faster and more accurate measures that provide the desired effect and better food security. See updated results such as graphs, directly on maps of the factory, test plans you build up, etc. A much smarter food safety everyday life for food producers.

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