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Hygienic design and Food Safety.

Our specialization in this area started back in 1994 after a major recall of smoked salmon on the US market.

Salmon processing has many of the same challenges as poultry, where treatment areas and equipment are wet 24/7. Biofilm is a major challenge and acts as a protective film for pathogenic bacteria.

In our concept, we deliver Hygiene Systems, Chemicals, production equipment, as well as courses and training. All these areas must be combined to achieve safe production over time.

Safe Food Concept

Broad knowledge and competence give us a unique platform that helps our customers to achieve stable and safe food production. In the event of unexpected events, we can help with competent people, as well as provide training, change routines and offer equipment and chemicals. Our clear, customer-focused approach to food safety has proven to be very unique.

We take food safety seriously.

Food consumption plays two fundamental roles in human development: nutrition and disease prevention. Foodborne illnesses are rare, but when they do occur, the negative effects on human health can be significant.

Aquatiq® helps the industry create complete food safety concepts throughout the value chain. Our expertise, competent staff and long experience in the food industry give Aquatiq® a unique business model that creates value for our customers.

Pathogen Management

Listeria is a common bacterium found in the food processing environment, especially in the production and packaging of finished products (RTE), meat, fish and poultry industries.

Environmental and product sampling plays an important role in identifying potential problem areas in a food processing plant, revealing conditions that can contribute to end product contamination. Regular environmental monitoring in and around the product treatment area can be an effective alert system to identify potential sources of Listeria contamination in the finished product.

About Aquatiq®

Aquatiq® provides complete food safety solutions and expertise to the global food industry, offering a holistic approach that includes consultation, equipment and hygiene systems. Aquatiq offers food safety courses, certifications, audits as well as specialized chemistry for food processing and mechanical industries. Aquatiq does what it takes to ensure the production and distribution of safe food for companies around the world.