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Thanks to our partner Denios, we offer the widest selection of products in Europe, in safe handling and storage of chemical and hazardous material. The way Denios respond to customer needs, has earned them trust, and made them the leading company in the European market, on environmental protection and safety at work.

The main categories of our environmental storage products:

  • Storage of hazardous material indoor and outdoors
  • Safe use and handling of hazardous material
  • Cleaning and waste management
  • Storing and handling of gas tanks
  • Work safety and protection gear

If you are uncertain about what solution that makes the best fit for your business, or if you miss a product, please get in touch. We are looking forward to assisting you with identifying the optimum solution.

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Aqua Des

Aqua Des er et bredspektret, flytende desinfeksjonsmiddel på pereddiksyrebasis. Godkjent av Statens Legemiddelverk og Mattilsynet for bruk i akvakultur i Norge.


Sterkt alkalisk CIP-rengjøringsmiddel.

CIP Alka 95

Skumdempet sterkt alkalisk CIP-rengjøringsmiddel.

Foam 19

Surt skumrengjøringsmiddel.


Surt CIP rengjøringsmiddel.


Klorbasert desinfeksjonsmiddel / CIP-vask.

Aqua Foam Alka Plus

Flytende, konsentrert, lutholdig skumrengjøringsmiddel.

Foam 32 T

Alkalisk skumrengjøringsmiddel.