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Mariann Kirkerød

Managing Director
Aquatiq Consult
+47 415 59 870
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At your convenience specialists from Aquatiq® Consult can be hired for monitoring and maintaining quality systems. Scope and duration will be customized to the needs of your company.

Examples of services delivered:

  • Substitute for Quality Leader
  • Assist Quality Leader/Department in project
  • Run quality systems in businesses without dedicated resources
  • Leadership in improvement projects

Strengthen the team temporarily

Often there is a need to strengthen a designated resource group in various projects.

Aquatiq® Consult gladly helps with support and project assistance related to Food Safety in the industry, for instance:

  • Help evaluating, procuring and installing production equipment, in terms of hygienic design
  • Assistance with projecting of layout and zoning plans
  • Optimising the cleaning process