Allergen Bureau

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Kirsti Mathisen

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Aquatiq Consult
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Allergen Bureau was established in 2005 as an initiative of the Australian Food & Grocery Council Allergen Forum. The overall goal of the Allergen Bureau is to share information and experience in the food industry on the management of food allergens and to ensure that the consumer receives relevant, consistent and understandable information about food allergens. Allergen Bureau has developed the allergen calculator VITAL, which is a system that calculates concentrations of allergen in commodities, and cross-contact allergens that can come from raw materials and individual process steps. Among the Allergen Bureau members we find representatives from the largest multinational food groups – such as Nestle, Heinz, Unilever, Kelloggs, Parmelat, Kerry, and more. Aquatiq Consult was approved by Allergen Bureau from 2012 to carry out training in VITAL, and our stockholders are working closely with Allergen Bureau.