The European Hygienic Engineering & Design group

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Kirsti Mathisen

Senior Consultant / Course Coordinator
Aquatiq Consult
+47 957 94 008
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EHEDG is a consortium of members from equipment manufacturers, food industry, research institutes, as well as public health authorities. The main objective of EHEDG is to promote safe food by improving hygiene technology and design in all aspects of food production.

EHEDG actively supports European legislation requiring handling, processing and packing of food in a hygienic manner using hygienic machinery and hygienic premises (EC Directive 2006/42 / EC for Machinery, EN 16722 and EN ISO 14159 Hygiene Requirements ). Aquatiq is in the fish processing equipment and machinery group (Subgroup Fish Processing). Our technical consultants have participated in several courses and seminars under the direction of EHEDG.