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Large, comprehensive systems tend to be complex and suffering from poor usability. Companies find it difficult to communicate and uphold the system, and furthermore demanding to revise and update.

Aquatiq® Consult has a long track record assisting companies with development and improvement of their HACCP system.

We have identified a few factors of success:

Ensure trust to the system

Management, personnel and stakeholders like authorities, customers and certification body, must trust that the system is correct. This not only implies thorough assessments but also that the system can be interpreted and comprehended.

Aquatiq® Consult can assist with system reviews, constructive feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Ensure good communication of the system

The system must be pedagogically structured for it to be easily interpreted and comprehended.

We can assist with structure, guidelines and authoring of pedagogical documentation to be used under development of the system and for communication with various stakeholders.

Ensure that system is followed

With the system in place, it must be followed. Often companies have invested significant resources in developing the system while giving little attention to the work of maintaining that routines are being communicated and followed. It should be easy to do what is right.

In this matter we can help develop carefully, thought through systems for training, enabling and supervision.

Ensure continuous improvements

Reviews of system, status and outcomes must be risk-based. Routines for analysis, reporting and improvement must be clear and given high priority. Very many companies struggle with put these activities in a system in a practical and feasible manner.

Our long experience makes us capable of assisting your company with advice and suggestions for good solutions, adapted to your business.