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Get to know the HACCP methodology

Production of safe food, every day, all year round requires both structure and a good culture. In other words, we need a system, we need to move in step and for EVERYONE to do their part.


HACCP is precisely about establishing a structure to prevent the introduction, contamination and survival of food hazards in products. Without this structure, it is easy for things to go wrong, with the consequences that can entail. The HACCP methodology has proven to be very effective in reducing risk, and has therefore received international recognition both from authorities and customers.

Therefore, it is also the case that all businesses that produce and sell food, both large and small, are required to introduce systems to produce safe food. The heart of the system is HACCP.

Success factors for an effective HACCP system

The road to better results and safer food starts with knowledge. But – “What we know does not always correspond to what we do”.

Food will not become safer until the knowledge is put to use. It is about changing behavior and results. That is to say, it is not just about building structure, it is also a lot about building a safe food culture.

The HACCP system should be simple and user-friendly so that everyone in the business can understand and use the system in practice. Without good practice, it will be difficult to succeed.

If you want to build culture, knowledge is the key to success. Both managers and other employees need to have a basic and shared understanding, in addition to understanding their own role and responsibility for precisely that and being able to cooperate and move in step.

However, there is no “silver bullet” for knowledge, but through the online course we make it easier and cheaper to carry out the training. In addition, it is more fun when you get more people on the team.

Aim of the course

HACCP is a topic that needs to mature, and which requires a good theoretical basis, before you can start with the practical work. This course is a starting aid for getting to know the HACCP methodology.

After completing the course, participants will:

  • Understand what is meant by the term prerequisites and their importance
  • Have an increased understanding of how to improve the prerequisites of your own business
  • Understand what is meant by the term food hazards
  • Gain increased awareness and familiarity with food hazards in your own business
  • Get to know the HACCP methodology and the 7 HACCP principles
  • Gain increased awareness and familiarity with important and critical control measures in your own business

Course contents

Theory and exercises related to the following topic:

  • Systematization of safe food work
  • The prerequisites
  • Food hazards
  • The HACCP methodology step by step

Who is the Course aimed at?

This course is general and suitable for all businesses in the food industry.

The course is very well suited for:

  • Personnel who are not core members of the HACCP team (core members need extended training in HACCP)
  • Personnel in smaller businesses and employees who need an overview of HACCP
  • Personnel who want/need refreshment
  • Refreshment has now become a requirement in most recognized standards for food safety

Course certificate and offer of HACCP exam

Everyone who completes the course (participates in both modules) receives a course certificate. In addition, we also offer the HACCP exam “Level 2 Award in Understanding HACCP”, which has been developed by RSPH. This is an additional (voluntary) offer to our course participants, and we would like to point out that we only facilitate the exam on behalf of RSPH. It is RSPH that sets up questions, corrects answers and sets up a system for carrying out digital exams. For those who want to take the exam, we offer a one-hour review after the 1st course module, where we go through examples of exam questions, and guidance on completing the digital exam.

Level 2: Demonstrate understanding of HACCP
Time available: 45 minutes
Exam form: Multiple Choice
Language: English

Practical information

  • The course is run in zoom, and you will receive a link to the course in your own email
  • The course is divided into 2 modules
  • Registration deadline: 2 days before the start of the course
  • Duration of the modules: at 08:30-12:30
  • Course fee: NOK 5,500
  • Examination fee: NOK 1,690
  • To receive a course certificate, you must attend both modules

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