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Oslo, 18. October

Frank Yiannas

Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Responce FDA / Author / Speaker

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Learn from the best

Aquatiq has been so lucky to get Frank Yiannas, the guru in Food Safety culture, to Oslo. Alone to hold this workshop and to participate as a lecturer at this year’s Aquatiq Food Forum.

The course is set up as a workshop, with a large degree of involvement. It sets limits on the number of participants. We assume that the places will be filled up quickly. Therefore, if you are particularly interested in the topic, you should be quick to secure your place.

Frank has promoted and worked with Food Safety culture throughout his career, both at Disney, Walmart and now in the FDA, and as a result has received several awards and written two books on the subject. Frank is also an Assistant Professor in the Food Safety Program at Michigan State University, where he teaches Food Safety Culture and where in 2017 he was awarded the MSU Outstanding Faculty Award.

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Frank is a fantastic lecturer and just has to be experienced. This is your one chance to meet and learn from Frank Yiannas!


The course was developed by Frank Yiannas and is based on part of the curriculum he teaches at Michigan State University, as well as his books and long work experience.

The aim of the course is to give you knowledge and guidance on how to build a food safety culture – and not just a food safety system.

The workshop has a high degree of involvement and consists of theory, combined with group work and conversations. The participants are divided into teams that work together on different case studies.

Why join

You will get concrete and practical tips and strategies on how to:

  • make food safety part of the organization’s values
  • improve the effectiveness of training / education to influence behavior
  • better use existing metrics to improve performance

After completing the workshop, you will have real and updated training and knowledge of:

  • different theories of behavior change
  • overview of the most important elements that characterize an effective safe food culture
  • deeper understanding of the differences between a traditional food safety management system (FSMS) versus a behavioral approach to food safety

You will be better equipped for the next challenge or future promotion.

You will receive a discounted price on Frank Yianna’s two books on Food Safety Culture.

  • Food Safety Culture – Creating a behavior-based food safety management system
  • Food Safety = Food Safety Culture: 30 proven techniques to enhance employee compliance

Course booklet / workbook and course certificate signed by Frank Yiannas.


The organization as a whole benefits from a positive culture. Anyone who recognizes the impact of what a positive culture has on risk related to food safety, employee morale and compliance, and who has a role related to establishing and maintaining a positive culture for food safety, will benefit from participating.

Practical information:

  • Course location: Clarion Hotel Oslo (same hotel as Aquatiq Food Forum
  • Date: October 18 (the day before the Aquatiq Food Forum)
  • Duration: 09 – 17
  • Course fee: NOK 6,975
  • Course fee for members of the Aquatiq Food Network: Own conditions
  • We end the course with a joint dinner for those who want it (dinner is paid directly to the hotel)

Feel free to check out the Aquatiq Food Forum which is held at the same place the next day. Click on the image below to read more about this event.

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