Low Pressure Unit 10 bar

Low Pressure Unit 20 bar

Low Pressure Unit 40 bar

Satelite Unit – VMS 2-DC

Lavtrykksinjektor – CDE 2


  • Pump unit water
  • VMS II-DC satellite station
  • Injector dosage


  • Flexible pressure and flow
  • Hygienic design
  • Flexible


  • Desired pressure and flow
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to change chemistry

Why choose DCS

Aquatiq Hygiene Systems® new decentralized cleaning system, DCS, enables the food industry to achieve first-class hygiene and high flexibility in the cleaning process. The DCS cleaning system consists of four main components that together meet the high demands on capacity, performance and quality. The central components provide the correct pressure, flow and chemical concentration when necessary.

The customer chooses to place the pump unit with integrated satellite (CB) in the production room or a pump unit (SB / Multi) outside the production site. The latter is recommended if possible. From there you go to the satellite stations. Each satellite station consists of a hose for water, chemicals and disinfection hoses.

Aquatiq Hygiene Systems® DCS is suitable for all installation sizes, but in major installations (> 5 satellites), central cleaning systems are recommended.

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