This fat/red type of fish contains a ideal mix of organic material for bacteria to persist in
the equipment, often combined with biofilm. A good hygiene regime that can handle
processing equipment of this fish type, can handle all types.

Salmon Industry

The salmon industry is taking live fish in, stunning; bleed, chilling, gutting, de-heading,
fileting, trimming, pin-bone removal, skinning, portioning, grading and packaging. All
these sections are installed in the same processing line containing many complex
machines of challenging design.

To achieve a high hygienic standard, there need to be a plan for:

    1. Preparing for hygiene Shift
    2. Dismantling
    3. Cleaning & Sanitation
    4. Installing
    5. Lubricating


A special foaming Chlorinated strong alkaline product for cleaning and a foaming per-
acetic acid as sanitizer.

Cleaning water-pressure:

To remove biofilm in salmon processing areas, the best is to have 40 bar water-pressure
and use a nozzle that gives approximately 22 lt/min. This low water-consumption is also
environmentally friendly. Max temperature in the water should be 45 °C.

Recommended Products | WEBSHOP

Aqua Des

Aqua Des is a broad-spectrum, liquid disinfectant based on peracetic acid. Approved by the Norwegian Medicines Agency and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority for use in aquaculture in Norway.

Aqua CIP Alka 14

Strong alkaline CIP-cleaning agent.

CIP Alka 95

Anti-foamed strong alkaline CIP cleaning agent.

Struktol SB1110 B

Silicone free antifoam for aquaculture.


Acidic CIP cleaning agent.

Aqua Biocip

Strong alkaline CIP detergent. Effective for removal of organic impurities in the food industry. Very effective as a biofilm remover.

Aqua Foam Alka Plus

Liquid, strong, alkaline foam cleaner with better foaming grip.

Aqua Des Foam PAA

A liquid strong foaming disinfectant for use in the food industry. Based on peracetic acid and degradable. Available on canister, barrel and in IBC.