Food Safety Concept

Aquatiq® is specialized within the Food Safety Segment, providing Consultancy, Chemistry, Hygiene Systems and Processing Equipment. A unique combination of all of the above.

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This broad knowledge and high capability provide us with a unique platform, helping our customers achieve a stable and safe production. In case of unexpected happenings, we are able to help with competent people and systems. Our distinct, customer-focused approach to food safety is proven to be highly efficient.

A proactive and thorough take on Food Safety

Food consumption plays two fundamental roles in human development: nutrition and disease prevention. Food borne diseases are rare, but when they occur, however, the adverse effect on human health can be significant.

Aquatiq® assists the industry in making solid Food Safety concepts from the farm/ocean to the table. Our expertise, competent staff and long experience across the Food Industry make Aquatiq® the preferred partner.

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