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Vegetables and fruit do not contain much fat and proteins.

In this industry, especially the products that are cooked/blanched, there are many challenges regarding starch, minerals and colourings. There is a need for specialized chemicals containing unique surfactants and especially vegetables like salads demand a thorough pre-clean using medium pressure water (40 bar).

Automatic cleaning of modular belts gives a very good removal of organic material.

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Aqua Foam Alkachlor

A liquid, alkaline foam cleaner. The product is a very effective foam cleaner for all surfaces, tools and equipment used in the food industry, especially in meat, fish and poultry plants.

Aqua Des Foam PAA

A liquid strong foaming disinfectant for use in the food industry. Based on peracetic acid and degradable. Available on canister, barrel and in IBC.

Aqua CIP Alka 14

A strong alkaline, liquid CIP cleaner. An excellent product for ground and box washing machines with a dosage of 0.3%. Used for CIP cleaning and as a box wash / machine detergent.


Defoamed strong alkaline CIP cleaner.

A strong alkaline cleaner, which has been developed especially for single-phase cleaning. Thanks to its unique bonding of water hardness, CIP Alka 95 works extremely effectively against the removal of minerals, and is also very suitable for removing fat and protein.

Aqua Des

Aqua Des is a broad-spectrum, liquid disinfectant based on peracetic acid. Used for sanitation in CIP systems.


Syrevask i CIP anlegg. Fjerner kalk og protein.

Aqua Biocip

Strong alkaline CIP detergent. Effective for removal of organic impurities in the food industry. Very effective as a biofilm remover.

Struktol SB1110 B

Silicone free antifoam for food processing. Biodegradable and effective antifoam for vegetable and potato industry.