Types of lubricants

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We have a wide range of lubricants for the mechanical industry, food processing and engineering.

We supply some of the most recognized brands in the industry. For example, Matrix and Rocol. Our range of lubricants is biodegradable.

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Matrix Foodmax Basic 15

Foodgrade universal lubricant.

Matrix Foodmax Chain 68

Fully synthetic food-grade oil with properties that make it particularly suitable for lubrication of drive chains and conveyor chains, gearboxes and reduction units. Contains special additives such as significantly prolongs lubrication intervals and is free of mineral components.

Matrix Foodmax Easy Spray

Foodmax Easy Spray is a universal lubricant for use on food processing equipment
where accidental contact with food may occur. Suitable for most applications where medium pressure occurs

Matrix Foodmax Grease ASP 2

NSF USDA H1 approved aluminum complex grease suitable for wet environments with temperature and pressure challenges.

Grease based on aluminum compounds (aluminum thickener / soap) and intended for almost all types of lubrication that require food-approved lubricant. Consists of compound soap, synthetic base oil, additives and solid lubricants.

Matrix Foodmax Grease CAS S2 LS

Foodgrade grease.

Included in the family of technologically advanced fats based on calcium sulfonates. The technology is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, high drop point, high load-bearing capacity, reduced wear and excellent water and corrosion resistance

Matrix Foodmax Grease Spray

Foodmax Grease Spray is a food grade white fat of high quality, non-sticky and water / vapor resistant. Suitable for open gears, slides, conveyors, bearings etc.

Matrix Foodmax Multi Spray

Foodmax Multi Spray is a very sticky, white food-grade lubricant. The product
contains a food-approved synthetic oil as well as a 4% food-approved solid
lubricant (PTFE)

Matrix Foodmax Silicone Spray

Foodmax Silicon Spray is a silicone-based, non-stick lubricant with very high
temperature resistance. H1-classified for use on food processing equipment there at random
contact with food may occur.