Customized for your production

Aquatiq® delivers solutions that are customized for your production. We make hygiene a natural part of the food production, adapting to the specific prerequisites of each customer.

Our promise.

To meet the ever-evolving challenges associated with Food Safety, we believe that the only way forward is to be flexible enough to treat every customer individually. In our experience this is the approach to food safety that provides a pure and profitable outcome.

Integrated solutions

What’s different about Aquatiq® is that we cover a wide range of expertise and technology, and the way we apply it in the best interest of every customer. We work from different starting points, like projecting new plants or installations, upgrades and retrofits and even crises.

With technology and chemistry built around customer needs and requirements, we maintain Food Safety in the safest and most efficient way. We help simplify and provide the necessary level of control.