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Pathogen Controll

Listeria is a common bacterium found in the food processing environment, particularly in the manufacture and packaging of ready-to-eat (RTE) products, meat-, fish- and poultry-industry.

Environmental and product sampling plays a significant role in identifying potential trouble areas in a food processing facility, revealing conditions that may contribute to final product contamination. Regular monitoring of the environment in and around the product handling area, can be an effective early warning system for identifying potential sources of Listeria contamination in finished product.

Stay in control

Aquatiq® can assist in validating, verifying and improving the company’s basic requirements; usually routines related to personal hygiene, production hygiene, hygienic design and cleaning.

Normally, our work follows a four-step process:

1) Planning

Review of system and results to determine which routines and areas will be given priority.

2) Validation / Verification

In-depth review of selected prerequisites, with emphasis on practical implementation.

For example, by reviewing cleaning, we observe the completion of the entire cleaning process; handover from production to cleaning, preparation, pre-rinsing, foaming, rinse off, disinfection, final rinse and dry up.

3) Training

Communication and training are essential to ensure improvement. We have extensive experience with raising competence, through meetings and with completion of courses.

4) Follow-Up

Learning requires good follow-up. We assist in building up new procedures and training to achieve a stable safe production.

In Case of Emergency

The Crisis is a fact! The products are unsafe. What are you doing?

The goal is to:

  1. Detect the problem quickly
  2. Eliminate the problem
  3. Secure a continuously safe production

Fortunately, most businesses seldom experience detection of Listeria or other pathogenic bacteria in their products. Many, for that reason, have little experience in handling such a situation.

The situation is serious – time is critical.

There are immediate health risks and sales of products must in most cases stop. The extent of the situation must be mapped. The source of the problem must be eliminated. Effective handling of the event is critical, both in terms of health and costs. To recover requires competence, experience, leadership, resources and a carefully organized process.

Aquatiq® has the expertise and extensive experience, assisting companies internationally to detect Listeria and other pathogenic microorganisms in the process environment and/or the product.

With reinforcements and expertise from the different companies in the Aquatiq® Concept Group, we can assist with:

Listeria Control Team, consisting of personnel with expertise in:

  • Management
  • Deep-Clean / reset of production facilities
  • Hygienic design evaluation and upgrade
  • Listeria and microbiology
  • Sampling

Emergency package, with everything that is required for washing and resetting of facilities within a few days:

  • Chemicals
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Dismantling procedures
  • Sampling equipment
  • Protective Equipment
  • Procedures and procedures

Help to coordinate the crisis, by assisting the emergency preparedness team with:

  • Finding the Root Cause and sampling
  • Deep-Clean Process and resetting of the plant

Evaluation of the crisis:

  • Assist in finding root cause, advanced problem solving
  • Preparation of new sampling plans
  • Participate in the future improvement project

Pathogen Management Resource Group


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