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Cleaning and hygiene products

To ensure a high hygienic standard, a plan is needed for:

  • Handover to the cleaning staff
  • Disassembly of critical equipment
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Installation of disassembled equipment
  • Foodgrade Lubrication


A special chlorine-containing foam (strongly alkaline) for cleaning and peracetic acid with foam for disinfection.

Water pressure for cleaning:

To remove biofilm in a chicken / poultry factory, it is best to have 40 bar water pressure and to use a nozzle that gives about 22 l / min. This results in low water consumption, is environmentally friendly and economically economical. Max temperature should be 45 ° C.


  • Alkaline CIP
  • Alkaline Foam
  • Disinfection
  • Filter / Membrane – cleaning
  • Chloral alkaline CIP
  • Chloral Alkaline Foam
  • Smokeoven cleaner
  • Antifoam
  • Acid CIP
  • Acid Foam

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