Finding Better Ways Together

Over the years, we have worked with our customers meeting the challenges of the food industry at any given time. This has given us a unique competence, that our consultants use in helping customers worldwide.

Aquatiq® undertakes a wide range of consultancy assignments - from large projects outside the businesses to smaller assignments that can be done by phone and mail.

We have expertise in most disciplines in the food industry, covering areas like these:

Hygienic design
Safe food standards
Allergy management
Food fraud
Labelling requirements
Cleaning - washing and disinfectants
Food-grade lubricants
Chemicals to Technical Departments
Manual and automated washing systems
Design, construction, assembly and commissioning of automated hygienic processing plants

We work within the frameworks of international standards for Food Safety, considering to be in compliance as a minimum. Our ambition is to provide our customers with solutions that are pure and profitable, turning Food Safety into a competitive advantage.

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Elvin Bugge

+47 911 01 112


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