Passion for Pure

The nature of our work means some of our products have an impact on the environment. We take this responsibility most seriously.


We believe that through knowledge, correct training and endorsement of environmentally friendly products we reduce our impact on the environment. Our own R&D initiatives profoundly support this end, and our recognition as a leader in the field compels us to continue with our efforts.

Together with our customers and partners, we implement best practice solutions and solve problems, that make a real difference every day.

Aquatiq® is constantly advocating that respect of human lives and our environment be placed at the centre of the food industry. For us, the idea of making a profit by compromising on Food Safety is out of the question. Unfortunately there are too many examples of businesses who have sacrificed people or nature, from careless and narrow economic reasoning.

By taking Food Safety most seriously, we maintain trust to the food industry. People can safely enjoy the products they buy. The manufacturers and the distributors can run their businesses responsibly, with a good conscience.

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