Focus on cleaning impacts profitability

The leading industry publication Matindustrien (Norwegian: The Food Industry) featured an article from customer Åkeberg-Skoglunn. They are in meat processing and share their experience with us. Message is clear, their focus on proper cleaning and hygiene procedures positively impacts their business.

New Plant for Sterilization of Whey Cream

A Norwegian cheese factory assigned Aquatic® Food Factory for the engineering, 3D design, installation and startup of a new pasteurizing unit for sterilization, and a tank unit for buffering of whey cream. A line for delivery of whey cream to a truck was also included.

Foodgrade Lubricants

What’s required for food-grade lubricants, and what isn’t? The intention of this document is helping in finding your way through the regulations and registrations.

Aquatiq Consult Soerlandschips Training Courses

Anders Pettersen, the Quality Coordinator says: “I have had great use of the courses, both academic and in my daily work. This goes for both the HACCP workshop, Hygienic Design, Allergen management and Vital 2.0 courses. Attendance at the open courses also invite you to many interesting discussions and exchanges of experiences with colleagues from others businesses – for my part, this was very rewarding.”

Aquatiq Consult – Lofotprodukt

Lofotprodukt is a producer of seafood products. They are the market leader in developing and selling processed seafood in the Norwegian grocery market, under the brand Lofoten. Aquatiq® Consult has been a close collaborator for many years.