Ahead of the Game

At Aquatiq® we strive to be ahead of the game, and this is why innovation and research are our top priorities. We invest our efforts in being the benchmark in Food Safety solutions, pushing our category to the next level.


Our business is built on high ethical standards and our ability to act accordingly, through our Code of Conduct.

The core values ​​of Aquatiq® are:

Integrity – Doing what is right has a positive impact on life, business, society and the environment. Our reputation is based on our professionalism. We always put the company’s best in front of ourselves and nobody stands above the “team”. We never break with certainty or help promote solutions we find inadequate and that do not hold Aquatiq® standard. We respect our customers and our competitors.

Passion – Working passionately to make a difference, we take pride in keeping our promises. With our knowledge and technology, we make it possible for our customers to always be in the front. For us, it is basically about human health and life. We are committed to helping our customers realize their full potential.

Creativity – We promote a culture that is chronically creative. We work continuously on improvements, respond to customer needs and interests. We are constantly working to find the best solutions for our customers.