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“Safe Food is absolutely vital. In the food industry, there is no place for shortcuts on the road to ensuring a high level of Food Safety. We know a lot about how to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in food products. Drawing on our expertise we provide the technology, processes and routines to ensure Food Safety. We design specifically for your production, at your requirements.”

Our markets


Milk, yoghurt, ice cream or cheese product? We can help you design and construct your facility.

Fish and meat

Comprehensive solutions to plan, design and construct meat and fish plants.

Food and beverage

Best industry practices from sanitary designs for food safety to efficient plant layouts for productivity.

How we work

Excellence by experience

We are committed to represent the most capable and innovative professionals in the food processing industry.

Delivery on time

Our experienced project managers know how to turn detailed 3D designs into high quality installations, at contracted price, quality and time.

Extensive follow-up of delivery

Making sure the installation functions as specified and that staff is properly trained is key priority. We are just a call away.

Competitive pricing on top quality solutions

With broad industry experience and vendor independence we keep your best interest in mind, optimising your value for money.



Norway (HQ)

Hovemoveien 1 
2624 Lillehammer 
Tel: +47 61 24 70 10 
Fax: +47 61247011
Email: Click here

Denmark (Food Factory)

Navervej 4
DK-8382, Hinnerup
Tel: +45 2580 0530
Email: Click here

Denmark (Food Automation)

Ellebjergvej 3, 4330 Hvalsø.
Tlf: +45 20 21 01 23
Email: Click here


217 Flinders Street
SA 5000, Adelaide 
Tel: +61 429 181 433
Email: Click here

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Please contact one of our employees or get a call from us. Normally we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Hans Rasmussen

Managing Director / CEO
Aquatiq Food Factory
+45 258 00 530

Peter Viggo Petersen

Technical Director / CTO
Aquatiq Food Factory
+47 990 93 301

Søren Pedersen

Technical Director / CTO
Aquatiq Food Factory Danmark
+45 258 00 531

Allan Weibel Hansen

Managing Director
Aquatiq Food Automation
+45 202 10 123

Kristian Østergaard

Chief Technological Officer / CTO
Aquatiq Food Automation
+45 246 78 370


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