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Within automation we deliver from all fabricates, with a main emphasis on Siemens and Sattline, as well as Intouch HMI and WinCC. We see automation as an important enabler in the production of Safe Food.

Aquatiq® Food Automation ApS

Our automation engineers provide fully integrated solutions for food processing plants, on land and on sea - worldwide. Compatibility with your existing systems and routines is key. We support both PC and PLC software, focusing on usability and durability.

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  • Projecting
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Tailor made programming

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Brobekkveien 80B, 0582 Oslo.
Tel: +47 61 24 70 10


Navervej 4, 8382 Hinnerup.
Tel: +45 25 80 05 30

Automation DK

Navervej 4, 8382 Hinnerup.
Tel: +45 202 10 123


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For more information and quotation please contact

Allan Weibel Hansen

Managing Director
Aquatiq Food Automation
+45 202 10 123

Kristian Østergaard

Chief Technological Officer / CTO
Aquatiq Food Automation
+45 246 78 370

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