3D for overview, details and improvements

Drawing our plants in 3D gives us the tools to make design reviews of our solutions based on the correct components

Aquatiq® Food Factory uses 3D design in our development processes. Before fabrication starts everyone in the project know the solution we are building, with all practical, technical and economical aspects under control.

In the end, 3D design enables us to deliver a plant focused on cleanability, serviceability, HSE and quality.

Hire us for:

  • Hygienic components
  • Best practice
  • Safe Food production
  • HSE
  • Environmental compliance

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Brobekkveien 80B, 0582 Oslo.
Email: foodfactory@aquatiq.com
Tel: +47 61 24 70 10


Navervej 4, 8382 Hinnerup.
Email: foodfactory.dk@aquatiq.com
Tel: +45 25 80 05 30

Automation DK

Navervej 4, 8382 Hinnerup.
Email: foodautomation.dk@aquatiq.com
Tel: +45 202 10 123



Monika Kowalczyk

Project Manager
Aquatiq Food Factory
+47 476 69 775

Rasmus Lindner

Project Manager
Aquatiq Food Factory Danmark
+45 258 00 534

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