Our Partnership with Ygros

“Ygros is an Italian quality brand that has developed their original idea of check valves with no spring, into a patented magnetic technology, providing a state-of-the-art, maintenance-free check valve. Their products are hygienic and operational, which makes Ygros a great and trusted partner for Aquatiq® Food Factory.”

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Brobekkveien 80B, 0582 Oslo.
Email: foodfactory@aquatiq.com
Tel: +47 61 24 70 10


Navervej 4, 8382 Hinnerup.
Email: foodfactory.dk@aquatiq.com
Tel: +45 25 80 05 30

Automation DK

Navervej 4, 8382 Hinnerup.
Email: foodautomation.dk@aquatiq.com
Tel: +45 202 10 123

Hans Rasmussen

Managing Director / CEO
Aquatiq Food Factory
+45 258 00 530

Søren Pedersen

Technical Director / CTO
Aquatiq Food Factory Danmark
+45 258 00 531

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