Mobile Cleaning Systems

Mobile Cleaning Systems are perfect for processing plants, working boats, wellboats and other areas where space is limited.

Mobil Low Pressure Unit - LWP-M-2

LWP-M II is a complete mobile low-pressure unit for water spraying with pressurised water and application of chemical disinfectants and disinfectants. The LWP-M II is built on a stainless steel rack with two rear flywheels for steady and efficient movement. The unit consists of a frequency controlled low-pressure pump, compressed air compressor, injector and suction hoses for chemicals. Up to 25 litres of chemicals/disinfection can be transported and there are suspension solutions for ball valves, hoses and nozzles. The LWP-M II has a hygienically designed stainless steel cover that can be easily opened for service and maintenance.
The unit can be delivered without a compressor. This will connect to external compressed air.

LWP-M II is especially suitable for cleaning applications in the food industry, such as meat, poultry,
dairies, breweries, fishing industry, ready-made industries, catering kitchens and other places where hygiene is of high priority. It also fits perfectly on boats and other places where manoeuvrability is important.

• Working pressure 20-25 bar or 40 bar.
• Mobile device with flexible wheels for efficient movement.
• Easy to install; Just connect to water and electricity.
• Included in delivery: 20 meter hose, flush gun and nozzles for flushing, foam and disinfection.


  • Pressure-reducing pump
  • Mobile Cleaning Unit
  • Compact "all-in-one" device


  • Better cleaning energy on surfaces
  • Suitable for cleaning in smaller production areas
  • Flexible


  • From 3-6 bar up to 25 bar / 40 bar.
  • A possibility of using several types of chemistry

Mobil Satelite Unit - MSU - CDE/VMS 2-DC

Lagafors® Mobile Satellite Unit, MSU, enables the customer to set a satellite station (VMS II DC) on a stainless steel wagon for connection to multiple outlets. The device provides water purification, chemical application and disinfection, in areas that can not justify a permanently installed satellite station, or allow free choice of chemicals. Can be used in all types of food-industry.

The corresponding outlet is mounted on the wall and is supplied with pressurized water (10-160 bar) and compressed air. Connection of the device is done with a quick connection.

For customers with a CCS system, this device can be used as a backup system or use of chemicals. Can be connected to all satellite stations.

The satellite has clearly identified suction hoses for chemicals and disinfectants. With a single handset, the user switches between different media. Portable chemical dispensers with chemical concentrate are placed on the trolley. The trolley can also be equipped with stainless-steel hose reel.

The MSU concept consists of:
• Water and compressed air connection point.
• Stainless steel wagon with connection hose for water and compressed air.
• Optional CDE or VMS-II DC satellite.
• Optional hose sets and nozzles.
• Hose suspension/drum can be mounted on the trolley as optional.


  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • Mobile
  • Easy to mount and connect
  • All-in-One


  • Hygienic and robust material
  • Cover large areas
  • Time Efficient
  • Everything on a wagon


  • Suitable for use in the food industry, boats and commercial kitchen
  • Low investment cost
  • Lower installation costs
  • Complete hygiene station

Mobil Foam Tank

Lagafors® mobile foam tank MFU 75 for application of chemicals and disinfectants in foam or liquid form. The dosage is manually stored directly in the tank, and it must only be added to compressed-air. The entire unit is made of stainless steel and is easy to move thanks to the smooth roller trolley. Suitable primarily for cleaning of smaller surfaces, or alternatively puncture at exposed places. Examples of applications include butchers, dairies, breweries, fishing industry and other industries where good hygiene is required.

Included in delivery:

• Hose 20 meters with shut-off valve.
• Lance for application of foam or liquid.


  • Uses chemicals in any shape in the work area
  • Stainless construction
  • Mobile device mounted on the carriage


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Robust material
  • Easy to manoeuvre


  • Hygienic result
  • Long life
  • Flexible

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