Part of the Success for Insula

Insula t is a producer of seafood products. They are the market leader in developing and selling processed seafood in the Norwegian grocery market, under the brand Lofoten. Aquatiq® Consult has been a close collaborator for many years.

Our challenge was to make a dosing system, that was able to dose the right amount of Paramove® to achieve the best result possible.

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Food Safety Concept

Currently Insula Production in Lofoten has about 160 employees covering an extensive value chain from receiving raw materials from subcontractors, through production and packaging, to sales and marketing of finished products.

We have assisted in providing professional advice and guidance related quality issues. Over a period a consultant from Aquatiq® Consult was hired as Head of Quality, to lead the work on quality of the company. Our tasks were to continue and extend the existing quality system, implementation of new routines to ensure Food Safety. Also we were responsible for maintaining the quality work on training of internal resources, supervision of work with HACCP, audits, management of deviations and complaints and more.

Insula reports that throughout the whole collaboration with Aquatiq® Consult, they experienced a strengthened focus and capacity to deliver quality on a permanent basis.

About Aquatiq®

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