Complete CIP-plant for new Green-field Salmon Factory

Bakkafrost Feroyar chose Aquatic® Food Factory as supplier of a new CIP-plant consisting of new tanks for pre-rinse, acid, caustic 40ºC, caustic 70ºC, two CIP-forward and return lines each with capacity 130 m3/h, including all forward and return lines to and from the production equipment.

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Our Challenge

Investment in such a plant as a recovery CIP-plant ensures that the correct cleaning of pipes, tanks and equipment can be done to keep bacteria such as Listeria out of the products, with minimum impact on the environment.

The Solution

The first CIP-phase used are clean cold water from the pre-flush tank which are flushed through the pipe-system and to drain. This step is adjusted to be as short as possible.

The second CIP-phase are the active chemical phase, normally 1,5 % lye at approx. 70°C which are almost fully recovered back to the lye tank with use of a clean water phase to push it back to the tank.

The remaining clean water phase in the pipe-system are then flushed back to the pre-flush tank by use of the cold disinfection step.

The CIP (Cleaning In Place) system are using controlled flow, correct chemical %, correct temperature and time to successfully ensure the best possible hygienic environment for production.

The disinfection step are circulated around for some minutes then either drained or left in the pipe system until production startup.

The Team Effort

Our delivery included 3D design, pre-fabrication in workshop, delivery to the plant, mechanical and electrical installation work, automation Siemens S7/InTouch, test/commissioning of the plant, documentation and training of operators.

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