Chemical Dosing Central

Aquatiq Hygiene Systems supplies both tailor-made and prefabricated chemical plants.


  • High dose accuracy (+/- 0.1%)
  • Constant chemical concentration
  • Central storage of chemicals
  • Central dose
  • Separate water system


  • Minor environmental impact
  • No variation in concentration
  • No chemical concentrate in the production facilities, less
    handling concentrates
  • Purchasing of bulk chemicals (IBC etc)
  • Possibility of setting the desired temperature on diluted chemistry solution


  • Lower chemical costs
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Reduced accident risk with chemicals, no waste problem with chemical containers
  • Reduced cost per liter of chemistry
  • Optimum efficiency, better working environment, reduced amount of aerosols

Chemical Dosing Central – VCC 2

Aquatiq Hygiene Systems® unique chemical dosing system VCC, Variable Chemical Center, has now received a newly developed successor in VCC II. The focus has been placed on increased capacity, flexibility, improved materials and components, and increased personal safety. It also offers much more efficient maintenance and technical service. The unit consists of a pressure-reducing pump, 1-4 chemical dosing modules and a control unit. Dosage prescription of +/- 0.1% in the use solution provides optimal chemical concentration with maximum results. Up to 4 different chemical solutions can be dosed and used at the same time. Over the years, the VCC has proven to be particularly suitable in all environments where good hygiene and optimal utilization of resources, such as slaughterhouses, dairies, breweries, fish industry, processing and catering, were sought.


• Main components: Pressure-reducing pump, 1-4 chemical dosing modules and PLC Siemens S7.
• High dose accuracy (+/- 0.1%) ensures low chemical consumption.
• Capacity 1-12 simultaneous users (6-70 litres/min).
• Flexible. Handles different combinations of up to four chemicals.
• Alarm level alarm is standard.
• Dosage 1-6% standard. Low dose 0.004-0.4% on request.

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Technical Manager Aquatiq Hygiene Systems

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Technical Manager
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Stig Terje Øversveen

Stig is the Technical Manager for Aquatiq Hygiene Systems AS.

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Johnny Olaisen

Johnny er Prosjektleder for Aquatiq Hygiene Systems

Johnny jobber med prosjektering og tilbud av nye systemer over hele Norge.
Johnny har bred erfaring og har høy kompetanse innen vaskesystem til næringsmiddelindustrien.

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Thomas Ludvigsen


Thomas er automasjonsingeniør og jobber med styring og automasjon.

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Managing Director
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Svein Inge Holtesmo

Svein Inge is the Managing Director of Aquatiq Hygiene Systems AS.

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Svein Inge is located at our office in Lillehammer, Norway.