Central Cleaning Systems

Decentralized Cleaning Systems

Mobile Cleaning Systems

Automatic Cleaning Systems

System Options

We deliver installations for cleaning in meat, fish, fruit & vegetables, dairies, breweries, maritime and swimming facilities.

Our expertise helps the customer to choose the right system to achieve best results by using Temperature-Chemistry-Time-Mechanical Pressure.

  • Central Cleaning System (CCS)
  • De-Centralised Cleaning System (DCCS)

Central Dosing System (CDS)

The advantage of centralised chemical dosing is that this is placed in a room separated from the production premises. All chemical containers can be stored safely together, preferably with collection sumps below. The chemicals are distributed to the satellites via stainless steel pipes. (AISI 316L)

Central dosing systems exist in single, double and triple units. You can use 3 different types of chemicals from a single centre, whilst 2 pumps for the same chemical will double the capacity. Dosing accuracy is 0.1%. The Central Dosing System supply all satellites at equal doses. Satellite stations are easy to install, very reliable and easy to service.

Rinsing Systems (Boosters)

  • Low pressure systems 25 bar
  • Medium Pressure systems 25–45 bar
  • High Pressure systems 60–90 bar

The final selection is made based on demand for water, the type of cleaning required, temperature and chemistry. Our great flexibility means that we always find the optimal solution.

Satellite / outlet

We provide state-of-the-art satellites in stainless steel (AISI 316L)  material of modern hygienic
design. LAGAFORS – satellite, VMS